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About us

crystalsJulia Glassware is one of a few crystal glass manufacturers in Poland. We manufacture hand painted and polished products, which we distribute on markets all over Poland and all over the world.

Our products stand out against products of other manufacturers thanks to our traditional production methods and a broad array of offerings. Among our collections are products with décor that date back to the XIX century as well as products of very modern décor based on contemporary style.

We conduct wholesale, retail and online sales. Our products are exhibited on national (Amberiff, Vitrel, Ooh Marketing Festival, Sakralna, Sacroexpo) and international (Ambiente, Frankfurt) fairs.

Our historic factory is located in the heart of Karkonosze, in Piechowice, near Szklarska Poręba, and is open to visitors. Tourists can admire the beautiful manual production process of glass works of art and participate in workshops during which they can uncover the secrets of the art of glass.
We invite you to the world of crystal glass!

Modernization of Julia Glassworks aiming to introduce new tourist services – „The world of crystal glass”. The project is co-financed by the European Union with funds of the European Regional Development Fund and from budgetary resources under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesian Voivodeship for 2007-2013. European Funds for the development of Lower Silesia.